Parish of St. Mary-Bradford

One Parish - Two Churches


Old St Mary's Church 1824 -1876

Old St Mary's

St Mary's Church, East Parade 1876-2006

Funds to enable St Mary’s on the Hill to be replaced began to be collected in 1865 but it was not until 12 September 1874 that the Foundation stone was laid. It had been hoped that a bell tower could be included in this project but there was still not enough money for it so, as a compromise, the foundations for it were built but not the tower itself. Seating 1000, the building is 151 feet long, 56 feet wide. The Chancel arch is 30 feet wide and 50 feet high. It took 2 years to build and cost £7000. The cost had been reduced by the help given by many Parishioners. An adjacent Presbytery was then built which cost £4000.


Today, all the buildings stand though

they are no longer used for their original

purpose. From north to south along East

Parade stand: Church Hall (was used as La

Scala Cinema for several years), the Church,

Presbytery and then schools. La Scala, a

Church Hall, was not built at the time of this


Many additions were made to the interior of

the Church and it is now has a Grade 2 Listing.

St Mary's 1888

Photos of Old St Mary's, East Parade.

St Mary Old Early 20thC

Interior 1920's

War Memorial St Mary's 1920s

War Memorial to the men of the Parish who died in the great war 1914-1919

Commissioned by Canon Schreiber in the early 1920s costing £700. The painting of the Crucifixion was pained by M. Cracco from Belgium. The colour photo shows the War Memorial at the closing of the Church.

war memorial st marys St Mary's Wedding St Mary Wedding 2

Sanctuary 1960's

UCM Diamond Jubilee

Union of Catholic Mother's Golden Jubilee

With Fr Ronchetti