Parish of St. Mary-Bradford

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                  Do you love your children? Of course you do.


                Do you do everything you can possibly do for them? Of course you do.


                Do you worry about bullying, alcohol, drugs, violence and the many other things which  

               they are surrounded by ? Of course you do.


               Do you feel you do everything possible to protect them? Of course you do.


There is one more important thing you can do for them.


Why not come along to our very informal, relaxed meeting every first Tuesday at St. Columba's at 1.45pm. We are a group of Mums and Grandmas who share the same worries and concerns for our children as you do. We pray together in silence or aloud, whichever you are comfortable with.


For those who have never experienced a Mothers Prayers time before, each week, after we have said our prayers of preparation from our little booklet, we invite the Holy Spirit to inspire our meeting and we unite our prayers with all the Mothers Prayers Groups around the world.


Perhaps the most important part of our meeting is the moment we place the names of our children at the foot of the cross, acknowledging that we cannot do anything to change their lives without the help of Jesus.


As we offer our children into his care we say a little prayer in the silence of our heart or aloud. The prayer can be anything we need to say, here is an example;


'Lord, I know you love my children far more than I could love them. They are yours more than they are mine and you can change things that I can't, so I place them into your loving care.'


We have learnt not to worry as much because we give our children and the problems they face to Jesus, and always try to remind ourselves not to take them back from him.


The answer to these prayers will astound you!

Mothers Prayers of the Solace Community Mothers Prayers